Uniquely qualified

HurdMcNally brings value and a unique perspective through practical and personal experience in Director recruitment.

HurdMcNally knows a strong Board of Directors is a powerful strategic asset, providing transformative thinking and a competitive advantage. HurdMcNally is valued and recognized nationally for their thought leadership on board related issues. As expected, their knowledge and networks cover a comprehensive range of disciplines and industries, both domestic and international.

Your company and board will be supported by this elite team of dedicated experts, who bring expertise, process and results to the board recruitment process for private companies in the upper Midwest. HurdMcNally clients appreciate this accessibility and receive high-touch, high-quality service.

Distinct approach

HurdMcNally utilizes a proprietary and innovative Board of Director recruitment process called HM-BWise™.

Our trademarked HM-BWise™ process paves the way to a successful Board of Director placement. This distinct approach begins with a discovery process to understand an organization’s culture, structure, tactics, strategy and requirements. HurdMcNally conducts conversations with key stakeholders connected to the Board of Directors and overseers of board recruitment. These discussions lead to a comprehensive assessment identifying expertise gaps, challenges and qualification requirements. The unique findings and key results are summarized in the HM-BWise™ report. This valuable information creates healthy discussions to obtain consensus on your Board recruitment strategy, yielding an accurate Board profile which is critical to a successful Board of Director placement.

HurdMcNally only accepts a limited number of engagements enabling us to provide the highest level of attention and standard of excellence in Board of Director search. This boutique search firm is laser-focused on our client’s needs while fully committed to working expeditiously, delivering the most impactful results.

HurdMcNally begins a targeted search within its proprietary and trusted network to identify the executives most compatible with the defined Board requirements.

We don’t fish in a stocked pond of resume boards or a large database, nor do we “broadcast wide.” We drive excellence through the delivery of a short list of recommended candidates for your board opening. All candidates are vetted through a unique interview process and are required to complete an in depth, proprietary biography, the HM-BioQ™.

The HM-BioQ™ goes into great depth to understand the candidate, not just his/her experience and qualifications. It also speaks to their character, personal interests, philosophies and motivators. HurdMcNally’s goal is a purposeful fit, in an effort to ensure compatibility for the company and in the boardroom. This comprehensive biography is part of the formal presentation of board candidates, which includes a brief report supporting our recommendations.

Trusted network

HurdMcNally maintains close ties to outstanding leaders and potential Directors.

In today’s business climate, superior Director candidates are limited due to demanding executive responsibilities or company restrictions to serve on only one or two external Boards. The pool of top candidates is more limited than most realize. Our exclusive, confidential and trusted network provides HurdMcNally access to blue-chip executives around the world. These relationships have been nurtured over the years and for many decades through trust, respect, and professionalism. We have an extensive portfolio of vetted, world-class leadership with access to outstanding leaders who may not be in our current network.

Boardroom practices must be flexible, aggressive and dynamic to allow businesses to grow and thrive in rapidly changing markets. HurdMcNally are thought leaders in a niche of the business world, forever changing and demanding excellence of the Directors serving in the Boardroom. Although the seats in the C-suite are ever-changing, we remain a constant in our practice and to our network.