Transformative Leaders In the Boardroom

Specialists at Independent Board of Director search, selection and placement for privately owned companies in the upper Midwest.

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Uniquely Qualified

HurdMcNally focuses on Board recruitment yet brings a unique perspective to the companies they serve through value-add counsel on board governance, board composition, board refreshment, on-boarding and succession planning.

They understand the increasing complexity of Boards and how diversity of thought in the boardroom is critical to safely navigating today’s rapidly changing business environment and world economy.

Distinct Approach

HurdMcNally utilizes a proprietary and innovative Board of Director recruitment process called HM-BWise™.

Every Board of Director engagement is unique. HurdMcNally’s distinct approach involves an innovative discovery process to understand an organization’s culture, structure, strategy, direction and expectations. This comprehensive assessment identifies expertise gaps, opportunities and qualification requirements for an accurate Board profile, which paves the way to a successful Board of Director placement.

Trusted Network

HurdMcNally has a deep network of fully vetted and trusted C-Suite of Executives.

Transformational leaders inspire change through engendering trust and loyalty in their sphere of influence. HurdMcNally’s close ties to outstanding executives and potential Directors, open doors to productive conversations with impact candidates worth meeting.

“If you want to get Board candidates that can move your company forward, the first call I’d make is to HurdMcNally.”

Jeff Schwager
CEO, Sartori Cheese
Lead Director, Perlick Corporation