Maureen Hurd

Maureen Hurd is an industry leader with a broad-based search background in Executive and Board of Director search. An entrepreneur and trusted executive search professional for over 20 years, she is recognized for providing a high standard of excellence in recruitment and board advisory services.

Rand McNally

Rand McNally is highly respected for his Board expertise, senior leadership coaching and business strategy execution. With over 30 years of C-level leadership and Board experience, he brings a unique perspective to conversations and is a trusted advisor on Board composition, governance and dynamics.

Our values

These values are the lifeblood of HurdMcNally. They are the driving force behind everything we do. Our values guide us in serving our clients, candidates and communities with excellence, so we thrive together.

Integrity and discretion are a necessity in the boardroom of privately held, family-owned businesses. HurdMcNally has earned the confidence of clients by effectively managing the sensitivities of boardroom dynamics, board refreshment and confidentiality of company information. We provide thoughtful care and consideration in representing an organization in the marketplace.

  • Excellence
  • Respect others
  • Integrity
  • Discretion/Confidentiality
  • Honor relationships
  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Fun

Why us?

Our vision

To be the Board of Director resource partner of choice for privately owned companies in the upper Midwest.

To be the trusted advisor and counsel to the Chairman, Selection Committee and Board of Directors, driving excellence and transformation in their boardroom through exceptional Director recruitment.

Our mission

We are dedicated to providing qualified independent Director candidates for privately owned company Boards. We help propel organizations to greatness by aligning business strategy with board recruitment strategy. We demonstrate excellence and integrity in board of director recruiting and placement. We are motivated by truth and doing what is right for our clients.

“We are known for our bold leadership and honest counsel, driving excellence and transformation for the boardroom through exceptional board recruitment. We are motivated by truth and doing what is in the best interests of our clients. The value of our services and process is in the outcome; a more effective, high-performing Board of Directors to support the success of your organization.”

Maureen hurd
Principal, HurdMcNally